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Legal Services Planning

Legal planning services include conducting a review of an enterprise, department or system to assess your institution's legal needs, interview relevant personnel, report on options, suggest changes to policies, plan changes to processes, and identify opportunities for cost management to implement changes.

Michelle Moldofsky has 15+ years experience building and restructuring legal processes and legal teams.


  • High legal costs
  • Gap in coverage of legal services
  • Internal processes rely too heavily on external legal services
  • Reduced efficiency increases use of lawyers
  • Staff are overwhelmed with paperwork in complaints, dispute or contracts processes
  • Concerns regarding non-compliance or client complaints


  • Identifying legal needs
  • Getting the right legal professional to the right job
  • Identifying efficiencies and streamlining legal process
  • In-depth staff training
  • Improve cost effective use of lawyer time
  • Standardize more repetitive work
  • Highlight critical judgment calls within the process

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