Services Offered

Moldofsky Professional Corporation brings excellent negotiation skills and astute legal advice to deal making, dispute resolution and governance, including support for the clinical, administrative, education, research, and international functions of healthcare related institutions.

For institutions that are seeking to review their legal needs, reduce their legal costs or generally assess their risk level, Moldofsky Professional Corporation offers legal planning services. Legal planning services include conducting a review of an enterprise, department or system to assess your institution's legal needs, report on options, suggest changes to policies, plan changes to processes, and identify opportunities for cost management to implement changes.

For institutions that need an in-house counsel but don't have the budget for a full-time in-house staff salary, Moldofsky Professional Corporation offers virtual general counsel services. Virtual general counsel services can be accessed virtually by phone and email or can be accessed in-person by having Michelle Moldofsky on-site either part-time or on a temporary full-time basis. Virtual general counsel services include providing you with legal advice and being available for consultation on a wide variety of legal matters.

For law firms and in-house counsel, Moldofsky Professional Corporation offers lawyer consultations on a wide variety of legal matters.

Legal advice is available on matters such as the following:

Clinical Care:

  • managing disruptive physician behaviour,
  • investigating concerns with respect to physician clinical care,
  • when to disclose a risk of harm,
  • how to manage a complex care issue when capacity of the patient is an issue,
  • substitute decisions,
  • privacy breaches,
  • managing violent or harassing behaviour by patients or other staff,
  • human rights complaints, and
  • entering into joint ventures or associations with other health or community organizations.

Institutional Administration:

  • dispute resolution and legal advice related to contract enforcement,
  • copyright infringement,
  • human rights,
  • lease payments,
  • employee terminations,
  • volatile patient behaviour,
  • loss of patient belongings, and
  • values of the hospital.


  • education affiliations,
  • knowledge transfer and copyright,
  • unpaid internships,
  • students working in the research department, and
  • issues related to residents and post-doctoral fellows at a hospital.


  • inter-institutional relationships for deals with multiple collaborators,
  • governance structure of a research initiative,
  • approvals for complex research projects,
  • research databases and privacy compliance,
  • research misconduct allegations,
  • privacy breaches and complaints,
  • information access requests,
  • dispute resolution and contract enforcement,
  • knowledge transfer and commercialization deals,
  • setting up commercialization processes,
  • setting up conflict of interest review processes,
  • training staff in contract review,
  • policy development related to research operations, including conflicts of interest and research misconduct, and
  • contracts for research infrastructure projects, basic science agreements, license agreements, material transfer agreements, confidentiality agreements, clinical trial agreements, and education affiliations.

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